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With over 90 years of combined experience in our team, Dust Control Environmental Ltd (DCE) has grown into one of the UK's leading independent companies in our sector. We provide innovative engineered dust and fume extraction solutions for a diverse range of industrial plants and manufacturing facilities.

Our Mission

To design, manufacture and install the most innovative and market-leading technology and solutions.

Engineering Design

At DCE (Dust Control Environmental) Limited, we have put together a team of dedicated, enthusiastic ...


We design, manufacture and supply state-of-the-art dust and fume extraction equipment to meet the highest ...

Our Products

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Industry Sectors

Dust Control Environmental Limited (DCE) operate in a diverse global marketplace offering equipment and services to support ever-demanding industrial applications including; food and beverage, agriculture, construction, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, automotive, primary metals and technology, to mention a few.

Turnkey Project Installation

At Dust Control Environmental (DCE) Limited, we understand that in some instances, installations can cause major disruption to operations and business.


LEV Testing, Servicing and Maintenance

LEV Systems should be Examined and Tested every 14 months in line with COSHH regulations to ensure they are fully adequately functioning: in some cases, far more frequently depending on the application.

Working within the HSE HSG258 guidelines our BOHS P601 qualified Engineers can provide you with bespoke comprehensive LEV testing and Service packages tailored to you.

Working throughout the UK our engineers provide a first-class service and will work around your business requirements and needs.

We provide a comprehensive report after every LEV test to evaluate the design and performance of the system which will then be followed up with any recommendations for any required remedial work.

Our fully qualified and experienced engineers also provide planned maintenance work which may include the installation of spares and repairs of the LEV systems.

Dust Control Environmental also offer a wide variety of other testing Services such as stack emission and dye leakage testing.

For further information on LEV testing, servicing and maintenance please contact our Aftermarket department on 01924 33500.

LEV Spare Parts and Consumables

Dust Control Environmental offers a wide variety of LEV Spares and Consumables for most Dust extraction units not only for our own range of Units but also for other manufacturers such as Nederman (Airmaster), Donaldson Torit (DCE), Filtex and DEI to name a few.

Our experienced dedicated team will always ensure we specify the right product and media for your process. If required we will provide onsite support to assist with the diagnosis of faulty equipment and offer advice on choosing the correct spare parts and consumables.

The range of Spare Parts and Consumables which we supply include the following:

  • Filter Cartridges
  • Filter Bags
  • Cages
  • Controllers
  • Diaphragm Valves and repair kits
  • Pulse & Solenoid Valves
  • Airflow indicators
  • Magnehelic Gauges
  • Gaskets, Seals etc

We are able to provide Spare Parts and Consumables on a supply only basis and we also provide the option to have these installed by our qualified installation team. For further information on LEV Spare Parts and Consumables please contact our Aftermarket department on 01924 33500.

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