Stockton Casting Company

The Stockton Casting Company was founded in 1947 as a small, privately owned jobbing foundry producing cupola melted grey iron castings, and remained such until 1977 when medium frequency electric melting was installed. Utilising the electric furnaces saw the birth of a flexible melting system (fleximelt), which enabled production of components in a wide variety of material specifications.

The Foundry was bought by Teescraft Engineering in 2011 and embarked on investments to increase casting sizes and complexity. This led to the company recently improving the fettling/finishing workshop environment.

DCE was awarded the contract and put together a bespoke dust extraction solution to take into account fettling & grinding of the various different shapes and sizes of cast iron components produced at Stockton Castings.

A DCE Tornado Xcell high-performance revere jet cartridge dust collector was installed to filter the collected Cast Iron dust to an efficiency of 99.996% with low emission level.

Three 2M open face workbenches and one walk in 2.4m wide booth was designed, manufactured & supplied by DCE to cater for the different Cast Iron product sizes being finished.

Galvanized clip together quick fit ductwork was installed which transfers the dust collected form all four work stations and delivers it to the Tornado raw gas inlet. Spark arrestment was fitted to the duct system which coupled with the Tornado standard chamfered raw gas inlet baffles reduce the risk of sparks reaching the filter media.

DCE Nanoweb flame retardant filter elements separate the fines collected before discharging the filtered air to atmosphere.

Waste dust is collected into two cam-operated waste collection bin assemblies fitted with bin balance systems to enable plastic liners to be fitted with the bins whilst operating.

The installation was designed to exceed HSE and Environmental requirements and to improve the working conditions for the Operators. The installation was designed after consultation and on-site meetings between SCC Management and DCE Engineers.

SCC Management appreciated the close working contact during the design stage and the smooth installation process. The result is a facility both DCE and SCC are proud of and look forward to working together on future projects.

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